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Macon County Court Records

A county court record is an official document pertaining to judicial proceedings within county limits. Macon County court records ensure the transparency and accountability of a judicial process; they are generally classified into criminal and civil court records. The information found in a court record includes case information, dockets, charges, judgments, exhibits, and other relevant details. The Macon County Circuit Court Clerk is the custodian of court records in the county.

Are Court Records Public in Macon County?

Macon County court records are public records per the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA authorizes the inspection of court records by members of the public within reasonable limits. Nevertheless, Rule 8 of Illinois Supreme Court Rules allows the Clerk of Court to deny access to confidential, sealed, or expunged records.

  • An impounded record is accessible only to the parties of the case or by court order.
  • Access to a confidential record is limited only to the individual who submitted the document or filed the case and those authorized by court order.
  • A sealed and expunged record can only be accessed by court order.

Court records that are generally inaccessible to the public include juvenile, adoption, child abuse, and mental health records. Sensitive personal information, such as individuals' social security numbers, is also redacted from public view.

Macon County Court Records Search

A Macon County court record search can be done through:

  • The Circuit Clerk of Court
  • The Circuit Clerk of Court online portal
  • Illinois State Archives
  • External court record sources

Macon County Court Records Search by Name

Interested members of the public may search for a record using the name of the subject of the record. To do so, inquirers may visit the Circuit Clerk of Court's office during business hours in person to request a name-based court record search. The clerk may charge a search fee for this request, depending on how long it takes to locate the record. Additional costs may be incurred if the person wishes to obtain an official copy. In this case, the clerk makes a copy of the record and charges the requester accordingly. The fee to be paid also depends on the volume of the record.

Individuals may freely access court records that are not confidential. To access confidential documents, the person must provide a court order that authorizes access to such records. Individuals can also utilize the online portal on the Circuit Court Clerk's website to conduct a name-based search.

The Illinois State Archives, Macon County Circuit Court Case Files Index is a repository containing 6818 records spanning 1829 to 1861. A researcher can also search the database using the plaintiff's or defendant's names. A copy of a court record found in the database can be requested by phone at (217) 206-6520 or through mail by sending a request to:

Illinois Regional Archives Depository
LIB 144
University of Illinois at Springfield
One University Plaza, MS BRK 140
Springfield IL 62703-5407

Macon County Courts

Macon County has a Circuit Court system that is part of the Sixth Judicial Circuit. The Circuit Court handles all legal cases, including:

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Probate matters
  • Guardianship matters
  • Small claims suits
  • Major civil litigation
  • Traffic violations
  • Child support enforcement
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Domestic violence
  • Juvenile delinquency

Macon County courthouse is located at:

253 East Wood Street
Decatur, IL 62526
Phone: (217) 425-7098
Fax: (217) 425-9292

Macon County Superior Court Case Search

Macon County operates a Circuit Court system and does not have a Superior Court. All court cases in the county are filed with the Circuit court. Individuals can obtain a Macon County court record by contacting the Circuit Clerk of Court.

Macon County District Court Records

Macon County also does not have a District Court. The Circuit Court is the sole court in the county. Individuals who wish to view any court record can do so by contacting the Circuit Court.

Macon County Criminal Records

A criminal record contains a person's criminal history, including arrests, booking information, charges, and incident reports. Criminal records are part of Macon County's public record and are consequently accessible to members of the public. The Macon County Sheriff's Records Department maintains and disseminates Macon County criminal records.

Macon County criminal records may be retrieved by querying the Sheriff's Office. The request must be made in writing using the Sheriff's FOIA form and can be submitted in person, by mail, email, or fax to:

FOIA Officer
333 S. Franklin St.
Decatur, IL 62523
Phone: (217) 424-1321
Fax: (217) 424-0852

Requesters typically receive a response within 5 business days of submitting the request. The Sheriff's office is required by the Freedom of Information Act to inform the requester if a response will take longer than needed. A response is delivered to the requester's physical or email address.

Criminal record checks cost a standard fee of $10. The fee for a legal-sized copy of a criminal record does not exceed 15 cents except if a colored copy is requested. In that case, the fee may exceed 15 cents. Requesters may contact the Macon County Background Check Unit via phone at (217) 424-1323 for related inquiries.

Macon County Criminal Court Case Lookup

The Circuit Clerk of Court manages Macon County Criminal court records. A criminal court record is generated following the proceedings of a criminal case tried in court. A criminal court record can be obtained by visiting the Circuit Clerk of Court's Office. Individuals can request a record copy using the person's name on the record and the case number. Having both information at hand makes it easier for the clerk to locate the record. Access to impounded, confidential, sealed, or expunged records can only be granted if the requester provides a court order allowing them access. It will cost a fee to obtain the record. The fee typically depends on the nature and volume of the record.

Criminal court records can also be looked up online through the Circuit Court Clerk's website search portal. If the court record sought was generated between 1829 and 1861, the requester may also search through the Illinois State Archives. A copy of the record found in the Archives can be requested by mail or phone.

Get Macon County Civil Court Records

A Macon County civil court record contains information about a civil case heard in court. The Circuit Clerk of Court is the custodian of Macon County civil court records.

To obtain a copy of a civil court record, one may request it in person at the clerk's office. The researcher must provide the clerk with a name(s) or case number to locate the record. After locating the record, the clerk may reproduce it for the requester for a fee.

Individuals can find civil records online through the Circuit Court Clerk search portal and the Illinois State Archives (if the record falls within the 1829-1861 time range). A name-based search can also be carried out on the state archives database.

Macon County Family Court Records

Family law cases are civil cases pertaining to domestically-inclined matters. These cases include dissolution of marriage, adoption, child support, child custody, and alimony cases. The Circuit Court handles family cases as Macon County does not have a dedicated family court. Thus, a family court record can be obtained from the Circuit Clerk of Court. Once the clerk receives the request, a search is carried out, and a copy of the record is made for a fee and handed to the requester. The family record may also be accessed through the Circuit Clerk online portal.

Some family court records are only accessible to the subject of the record, a parent or legal guardian. For example, family court records involving minors are only accessible to the parents or legal guardians of the minor.

Macon County Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage is a term that refers to the official termination of an existing marriage. A dissolution of marriage begins when one or both spouses approach the court to file the request. Macon County dissolution of marriage records can be obtained at the Circuit Clerk of Court's office. These records are included under family court records. Individuals must provide either the name of one spouse on the record or the case number. A copy of the dissolution of marriage record may then be made for a fee by the Circuit Clerk. While dissolution of marriage records are open for inspection to the public, a record made confidential upon request of both spouses will only be accessible by them.

Individuals can also use the online portal on the Circuit Clerk's website to search for a dissolution of marriage record.

Macon County Marriage and Divorce Records

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Division of Vital Records, and the County Clerk are the custodians of Macon County marriage records. Intending couples can obtain marriage licenses from the County Clerk, who will then receive and record them after a successful wedding ceremony. The license must be returned within ten days of the ceremony. A copy of a Macon County marriage certificate can be obtained only by the subjects of the certificate or a parent of either spouse. Requesters are required to present photo identification such as a passport, driver's license, U.S. military identification, and Illinois state identification card for their requests to be processed. Records can be requested thus:

  • In person: An individual may request a copy of a marriage record in person at the county clerk's office during operational hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) located at:

Macon County Clerk
141 South Main Street,
Room 104 Decatur, IL 62523

The requester must be physically present with one of the acceptable forms of photo identification. Payment for an in-person request must be made in cash or check.

  • By mail: Requesters can complete a mail request in one of two ways:
    • The individual may forward a letter to the County Clerk requesting the marriage certificate. It should include the full name of both spouses, the date of the marriage, the requester's phone number, and photo ID. Additionally, the mail should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to ensure the certificate can be returned by mail.
    • The requester may alternatively download the Marriage or Civil Union Request Form, fill and forward it to the county clerk's address.

Mail order payments can only be made by money order.

  • An independent online vendor: Individuals can request a Macon County marriage certificate through the County Clerk's approved third-party provider. Utilizing this option will cost the requester a service charge of $10, separate from the standard request fee.

A marriage certificate request from the County Clerk costs $23 for the first copy and $10 for each additional copy if multiple copies are requested simultaneously.

Macon County divorce records can be obtained at the Circuit Clerk of Court's office. Individuals can visit the clerk's office in person to request the record for a fee. The clerk is legally authorized to deny an individual access to a divorce record if the court has ruled the record confidential.

While the Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records, holds a repository of these records, it does not issue certified copies. Individuals can only obtain a marriage or divorce verification through the department.

Macon County Birth and Death Records

Macon County birth and death records contain details of births and deaths within county limits. The county clerk is the custodian of both records. Maintaining these records helps the government track these events and perform demographic analysis. Birth and death records, marriage and divorce records, and vital records constitute the Macon County vital records. The Vital Records Act governs the dissemination of these records.

A Macon County birth record can only be obtained by the subject of the record (18 or older) or the subject's parent (who is named in the record). A legal guardian can also get the record, provided the necessary legal documentation is presented. A requester must provide an acceptable form of photo ID (same as that for a marriage record) to be granted access to the record.

A request for a Macon County birth certificate can made in person during business hours at the county clerk's office. In-person payments must be made in cash or check only.

For mail-in requests, the requester can download the Certified Birth Record Request Form, fill and forward it to the county clerk's address. Alternatively, a letter containing the child's full name, date of birth, parent's full name (mother's maiden name inclusive), and the requester's phone number may be forwarded. Mail-in requests must include a valid form of photo identification and a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return mail. Mail-in request payments are to be made by money order.

Birth record requests cost $23 for the initial copy, and $10 for additional copies of the same certificate requested simultaneously. A genealogical copy costs the same and is only available for births at least 75 years old. A genealogical copy is a certified record stamped "For Genealogical Purposes Only".

To obtain a Macon County death record, the requester must:

  • Be an immediate family member or the informant recorded on the death certificate or have personal or property right interest in the record.
  • Be able to provide documentation showing their reason for requesting the record.
  • Provide a valid photo ID.

Like Macon County birth records, death records can be requested in person during business hours at the County Clerk's office. Cash and checks are the only acceptable forms of payment for in-person requests.

The applicant also has the option to mail in the request. This can be done by mailing in a written request containing the deceased's full name, date of birth, and the requester's phone number. The request should include documentation proving the requester's interest in the record if not an immediate family member or informant listed on the certificate. The applicant may use the Certified Death Record Request Form in place of the written request. The mail should have a self-addressed, stamped envelope included. Mail-in payments are by money order only.

A genealogical death record request can only be made for deaths 20 years or older. The record is stamped "For Genealogical Purposes Only".

Obtaining a death certificate costs $27 for the first copy, with each additional copy of the same certificate requested simultaneously priced at $14. If the date of death is unknown, a search fee of $5 is incurred.

Individuals can opt for an online order through the third-party vendor affiliated with the county to request a birth or death record. It will cost an additional $10 service charge and a UPS delivery fee.

Macon County Probate Court Records

A probate court record contains the court's decision on settling a deceased person's estate. The Circuit Court handles Macon Couty probate cases as the county has no dedicated probate court.

Probate court records can be obtained from the Circuit Clerk of Court. Individuals may visit the clerk's office to request the record. Obtaining a certified copy of the record will cost a fee, and the clerk may also charge a search fee.

Macon County Property Records

Macon County property records are records that contain information pertaining to real estate within county limits. The County Recorder and County Assessor are both Macon County property records custodians. The County Recorder primarily holds records on mortgages, deeds, liens, plats, and other property-related information. The County Assessor has the records of the assessed value of properties and property information cards in the county.

Individuals can obtain documents filed with the Recorder in person or through mail by downloading the FOIA request form, filling it and forwarding it to the Recorder's address at:

Macon County Recorder FOIA Officer
Mary Eaton
141 S. Main St
Decatur, IL 62523

Inquirers are advised to call the Recorder's office at (217) 424-1359 before making a request. Obtaining property documents from the Recorder's office may cost the requester a fee. The Recorder's online portal can also purchase recorded documents and plats.

Individuals can access property assessments from the Assessor's office in person. It can also be obtained by mailing the Supervisor of Assessments FOIA Request Form to the Assessor's office at:

Macon County Supervisor of Assessments FOIA Officer
141 S. Main Street
Decatur, IL 62523

Individuals can use the Macon County Property Tax info portal to obtain property tax information and other property information online. A search can be conducted using the parcel number, owner name, use code, sale price range, and sale date range. The record found in the database typically displays the following information.

  • Property information
  • Assessment information
  • Taxes due
  • Collection information
  • Fees collected
  • Taxing districts
  • Exemption information
  • Building characteristics
  • Parcel sale history
  • Property card record

Macon County Court Records Online

Macon County court records can be accessed through third-party sources like Although these sites are not government-owned, they have access to court records and are a convenient option for finding a record. The downside, however, is that information obtained from these sources may be outdated and will need to be verified from official sources. They also cannot provide a certified copy of a court record and do not have access to confidential records. Inquirers would have to contact the Circuit Court Clerk to obtain a certified copy of a court record or obtain a confidential court record.

  • Criminal Records
  • Arrests Records
  • Warrants
  • Driving Violations
  • Inmate Records
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax & Property Liens
  • Civil Judgements
  • Federal Dockets
  • Probate Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Records
  • Business Ownership
  • Professional Licenses
  • And More!