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Kankakee County Arrest Records

Kankakee County arrest records formally document a citizen's arrest and booking. An arrest becomes imminent when someone is believed to have broken the law. Inmates are typically housed in the county jail, which is run under the Correction Division of the Kankakee County Sheriff's Office. Kankakee County police personnel handle prisoners. Those arrested are handled, booked, and housed at the Jerome Combs Detention Center, a temporary holding facility until court hearings or other legal actions occur.

The Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office—one of the local law enforcement departments—generates arrest records. The Office documents each arrest to ensure accuracy and completeness. These records are crucial for maintaining public safety and facilitating legal processes.

Arrest records intersect with other public records, including court records. For instance, Kankakee County Court Records provide additional context related to criminal cases. By connecting these court records, interested individuals can access comprehensive information about legal proceedings, charges, and outcomes.

Are Arrest Records Public in Kankakee County?

Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (5 ILCS 140), the public can access all public records, reports, and documentary materials—regardless of physical form or characteristics—that are in the possession of government agencies. Consequently, Kankakee County arrest records generated and stored by law enforcement while conducting public affairs are available to the public upon submission of a written request.

Notwithstanding, specific sections of the law prohibit the disclosure of certain Kankakee County arrest records. These include:

  • Juvenile records
  • Records are banned from public disclosure by state and federal statutes.
  • Records of sex crimes where minor victims are named
  • Social security, driver's license, and worker identification numbers
  • Personal banking information, passwords, or other access codes
  • Medical records
  • Home or private phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Residence information and personalized license plates
  • Records containing details on special investigative techniques
  • Records containing confidential sources
  • Records of ongoing criminal investigation

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

In Kankakee County, the following records are available in arrest records in compliance with Section 2:15 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS):

  • Offender's identification, such as their name, age, address, and booking photograph, if available
  • Description of the accusations against the offender
  • The time and location of the arrest
  • Name of the law enforcement agency that is investigating an arrest
  • Details regarding an arrestee's jail time, such as the date and time of their admission, discharge, or transfer from the care of the detaining agency.

Kankakee County Crime Rate

According to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), Nine violent crime incidents occurred in 2022. A breakdown of the figures revealed that aggravated assault constituted 77.78% (7 incidents) of all reported violent offenses. Rape was the other most common violent crime, accounting for 22.22% (2 incidents).

In terms of property crimes, a breakdown of the incidents in 2022 showed that burglary constituted 52.17% (12 incidents) of all reported property offenses, followed by larceny-theft with 43.48% (10 incidents), and arson with 4.35% (1 incident).

A comparison of the violent crime offenders and victims showed that 77.78% (7) of the violent offenders were male compared to 22.22% (2) that were female. On the other hand, 88.89% (8) of the victims were female, and 11.11% (1) were male.

Kankakee County Arrest Statistics

The National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) figures for 2022 showed that the number of arrests made by the Kankakee County Sheriff's Office for different offenses was 25. A figure breakdown revealed that all other offenses (except traffic) constituted the most significant proportion, with 40% (10 arrests). Simple assault was next with 32% (8 arrests), and aggravated assault with 12% (3 arrests). The remaining offenses—disorderly conduct, drug abuse violations, fraud, and possessing weapons—accounted for 4% (1 arrest each) of the total arrests.

Find Kankakee County Arrest Records

Individuals searching for Kankakee County inmates can search through the Illinois Department of Corrections's Individuals in Custody Search tool. The repository allows visitors to search by last name, DOC Number, or birthdate. The website provides information about offenders, such as their bodily profile, markings, scars, tattoos, admission/release/discharge details, and conviction data.

Persons seeking information on federal inmates may click on the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator on the Illinois State DOC website. Searchers can browse the site using the offender's first and last name. Citizens of Kankakee County and the general public can also explore Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Online Detainee Locator System to search for inmates.

Since state laws mandate the Illinois State Police to establish an accessible online database on individuals who have committed crimes or sexual offenses against children, requesters looking for such information should view the following databases:

Free Arrest Record Search in Kankakee County

Requesters seeking free records search in Kankakee County should consider visiting the County Sheriff's Office or any police precincts with jurisdiction in the county. Arrested persons are typically booked at a police department close to the arrest location. Therefore, requesters should fill out and submit a Freedom of Information Act request form in person, by mail, or by email, providing specific details of the records they want.

The address of the Sheriff's Office is:

3000 S. Justice Way Kankakee,
IL 60901
Phone: (815) 802-7100
Fax: (815) 802-7101

Inquirers should consider the question on the form asking if they wish to inspect or copy the record of interest. Inspecting the record is free, but they may incur a fee to copy the document.

Alternatively, Kankakee County free records requesters may opt for the Sheriff's Office online inmate search tool. The app allows users to look up bond information, upcoming court dates, the dates of inmates' bookings, project release dates (if any), and other details.

Get Kankakee County Criminal Records

Criminal records are government records detailing an individual's criminal past. Requesters can obtain Kankakee County criminal records through the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification (BOI). The BOI operates the Criminal History Information Response Process (CHIRP) portal, which allows visitors to get criminal history records based on their names or fingerprints.

Candidates must first get a Digital ID (Enhanced Authentication) before they may access the CHIRP portal. To complete online registration, Illinoisians must have a valid Illinois Driver's Licence or State Identification card. Non-Illinois residents must complete the "PKI Out Of State Certificate Application" and follow another method. This application needs to be mailed to the Department of Innovation and Technology notarized.

The cost of obtaining a state-only criminal record is $20.00 for manual or paper forms and $15.00 for electronic or live scans.

Applicants should refer to the Guide to Understanding Criminal History Record Check Information and the Criminal History Information Response Process User Guide to ensure a hitch-free criminal record request.

The contact address for the Bureau of Identification is:

260 North Chicago Street Joliet,
Illinois 60432
Phone: (815) 740-5160
Fax: (815) 740-44011

Kankakee County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Kankakee County arrest records document a person's apprehension by law enforcement, stating the grounds for the arrest and the day it occurred. They convey neither conviction nor guilt. For instance, if someone is arrested on burglary allegations, this will appear in their arrest record.

Criminal records offer a more comprehensive picture, detailing a person's legal infractions, including all arrests, charges, and court decisions, such as convictions or dismissals. Suppose, for example, that the same person is subsequently found guilty of the burglary accusation. If such is the case, this conviction, and any other crimes for which they have been found guilty, will appear on their criminal record.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

In Illinois, arrest records are retained forever unless the court expunges them. Expungement is exceedingly uncommon in cases where the arrest led to a conviction, with only a handful of exemptions. Nevertheless, arrest records that do not result in a conviction may be sealed at any time, and supervision orders may be sealed two years after the final sentence has been served.

Please bear in mind that any misdemeanor record for domestic violence, DUI (including reckless driving), sex offense (except prostitution), dog fighting, or assault on an unborn child is not eligible under the law.

Expunge Kankakee County Arrest Records

In Kankakee County, the expungement process seeks to destroy or impound a person's criminal record. The Bureau of Identification (BOI) of the Illinois State Police oversees the process.

Applicants in Kankakee County have the option to expunge the following categories of records:

  • Arrests that do not lead to convictions
  • Cases that were dismissed or acquitted (determined to be not culpable)
  • Several court supervisions have been effectively completed.
  • Certain cannabis-related offenses

Conversely, sealing conceals the record from public view; however, it remains visible to certain parties, such as law enforcement and employers, who are legally required to conduct fingerprint background checks.

Most misdemeanor and felony convictions in Illinois are eligible for sealing under Illinois law. Nevertheless, applicants will not be able to seal specific records. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Drunk driving
  • Sexual Offenses and Domestic Offenses
  • Disobedience to protective orders
  • Traffic Infractions of a Substantial
  • Animal Cruelty Offense

Eligible individuals wishing to expunge or seal their Kankakee County arrest records must thoroughly examine the comprehensive statewide-approved forms available on the Illinois Courts and State Appellate Defender’s websites.

The cost of fingerprinting and securing the Illinois State Police ISP record varies from $20 to $60, contingent upon the form of criminal background check the applicant is interested in. The process of expungement and updating criminal history records requires 2 to 4 weeks after receiving the certified expungement order.

Kankakee County Arrest Warrants

In Kankakee County, an arrest warrant is an official order issued by a judge or magistrate authorizing justice officials to arrest the individual mentioned on the warrant. They are usually issued when there is reasonable cause to believe a person is responsible for a crime.

In Kankakee County, an arrest warrant is issued after the law enforcement officer presents an affidavit to a court. The affidavit must contain enough factual material to show probable cause, and if the judge is swayed, the warrant is issued.

A typical arrest warrant in the county would contain the identity of the person law officers are to detain, the suspected offense, the signature of the issuing authority, and law enforcement directives related to the arrest.

Kankakee County Arrest Warrant Search

Individuals searching for active warrants in Kankakee County should explore the following options:

  • Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office: Requesters should check their Facebook page every Wednesday for ‘WARRANT WEDNESDAY’ posts, which include names, genders, ages, and offenses of wanted persons.

For in-person inquiries, interested persons can visit the Sheriff’s Office at:

Address: 3000 S Justice Way, Kankakee, IL 60901
Phone: (815) 802-7100

Do Kankakee County Arrest Warrants Expire?

Arrest warrants do not lapse in Kankakee County or anywhere else in Illinois. They stay in effect until the police arrest the person mentioned in the warrant or the judge who granted it cancels it. This means that an outstanding arrest warrant can result in an arrest at any time until settled through legal means.

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