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How Does The Illinois Circuit Court Work?

Illinois Circuit Courts are the state’s primary courts. Illinois has 23 judicial circuits, with one Circuit Court each. Six of the circuits cover one county, while the eighteen remaining circuits cover between two and twelve counties.

Illinois Circuit Courts are trial courts that hear all kinds of cases. Most cases begin at one of the state’s Circuit Courts and may be appealed to the Illinois Appellate Court or the Illinois Supreme Court. Note that where a Circuit Court judge pronounces a death sentence, the case may be appealed directly to the Illinois Supreme Court.

Illinois Circuit Courts are courts of original jurisdiction as the courts first hear cases originating from their respective judicial circuits. While lower than the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over all types of cases, including civil and criminal matters. These may include all juvenile, probate, traffic, domestic relations matters, and small claims up to $10,000. In addition to the aforementioned, Illinois Circuit Courts also can review administrative orders from some state agencies. However, Circuit Courts may not hear cases on the following:

  • Redistricting of the Illinois General Assembly
  • Suitability of the Illinois State Governor to serve or resume office

In Illinois, Circuit Courts also share jurisdiction with the Supreme Court on several cases that relating to:

  • Revenue
  • Mandamus
  • Prohibition
  • Habeas Corpus

Note, while the Circuit Court may hear any of the above case types, the Supreme Court may choose to apply its authority to these cases. In such instances, the Circuit Court immediately loses its jurisdiction.


Illinois Circuit Courts have two types of judges, including circuit judges and associate judges. A circuit judge’s term spans six years after an initial election from the judge’s county of residence, circuit, or from a sub-circuit within a circuit. The type of election required to elect a circuit judge depends on the kind of vacancy available. A circuit judge may hear any Circuit Court case and may contest a retention election for an additional six-year term.


An associate judge is not elected by a circuit, sub-circuit, or county. According to Supreme Court Rule 39, associate judges may only be appointed by Circuit Court judges, for four-year terms. Associate judges may hear any case, except a criminal case punishable by a prison sentence of at least one year. However, note that an associate judge may hear all cases if the judge obtains special permission from the Illinois Supreme Court.

All circuit judges are to elect a member as a Chief Circuit Court Judge. The Chief Circuit Court Judge can assign cases heard by the court to specialized or general divisions. The Chief Circuit Court Judge also has general administrative authority in the circuit of service. However, note that the Chief Circuit Judge’s authority is subject to the Supreme Court’s overall administrative authority.

The following are requirements to be met by prospective circuit and associate judges:

  • A resident of the circuit of election or appointment
  • Licensed to practice law in Illinois
  • Citizen of the United States

Information on Circuit Court cases is obtainable from the court that handled the case. These records are maintained and issued by the clerk in each of the state’s Circuit Courts. To request a court case record, send a written request to the Circuit Court that heard the case.

Ensure that the request includes exhaustive details about the desired records, such as the parties to the case, dates, offense, and other relevant information. Note that inspecting these records may be free of charge. However, interested persons are charged varying fees to obtain physical copies of the court records.


Case trajectories for matters heard by Circuit Courts vary. Several factors, such as the type of offense, parties involved, availability of evidence, and other facts, may affect the general timeline. In addition, the court’s caseload should also be considered. As such, Circuit Court cases may last as long as the court may require to reach a disposition.


Several counties may also provide online functions where interested persons may find Circuit Court records. For example, Cook County provides an online case search which allows access to dockets several types of cases. Interested persons may search by case number, name, and filing date.


The following are details and contact information on the 24 judicial circuits in Illinois:


Cook Judicial Circuit—Cook County

Cook County Circuit Court – 1st Municipal District 

50 West Washington Street

 Suite 1001 

 Chicago, IL 60602–1305 

 Phone: 312–603–5030 

 Fax: 312–603–4557


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 1006

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–4641

Fax: 312–603–4722


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Branch Courts 23 & 50)

5555 West Grand Avenue

Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: 773–404–3304


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Branch Courts 29 & 42)

2452 West Belmont Avenue

Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: 773–404–3304


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Branch Courts 34 & 48)

155 West 51st Street

Chicago, IL 60609

Phone: 773–373–8877


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Branch Courts 35 & 38)

737 East 111th Street

Chicago, IL 60628

Phone: 773–982–3035


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Branch Courts 43 & 44)

3150 West Flournoy Street

Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: 773–265–8915


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Central Bond Court)

Criminal Court Building

2600 South California Avenue

Chicago, IL 60608

Phone: 773–674–5882


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Criminal Department (Domestic Violence Court)

555 West Harrison Street

Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 312–325–9498


Cook County Circuit Court—1st Municipal District—Traffic Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Lower Level

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–2000

Fax: 312–603–2928


Cook County Circuit Court—2nd Municipal District 

Second Municipal District Courthouse

5600 Old Orchard Road

Room 136

Skokie, IL 60077

Phone: 847–470–7250

Fax: 847–470–5049


Cook County Circuit Court—3rd Municipal District 

Third Municipal District Courthouse

2121 Euclid Avenue

Room 121

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Phone: 847–818–3000

Fax: 847–818–2706


Cook County Circuit Court—4th Municipal District 

Fourth Municipal District Courthouse

1500 Maybrook Avenue

Room 236

Maywood, IL 60153

Phone: 708–865–6040

Fax: 708–965–4881


Cook County Circuit Court—5th Municipal District 

Fifth Municipal District Courthouse

10220 South 76th Avenue

Room 121

Bridgeview, IL 60455

Phone: 708–974–6500

Fax: 708–974–6384


Cook County Circuit Court—6th Municipal District 

Sixth Municipal District Courthouse

16501 South Kedzie Parkway

Room 119

Markham, IL 60428

Phone: 708–232–4551

Fax: 708–232–4682


Cook County Circuit Court—Chancery Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 802

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–5133

Fax: 312–603–3020


Cook County Circuit Court—Child Protection Division

Juvenile Center Building

1100 South Hamilton Avenue

Room 13

Chicago, IL 60602


Cook County Circuit Court—Civil Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 601

Chicago, IL 60602


Cook County Circuit Court—County Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 1202

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–5731

Fax: 312–603–3335


Cook County Circuit Court—Criminal Division

George N. Leighton Criminal Court Building

2650 South California Avenue

Room 526

Chicago, IL 60608

Phone: 773–674–3922

Fax: 773–674–4444


Cook County Circuit Court—Domestic Relations Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 802

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–6300

Fax: 312–603–6336


Cook County Circuit Court—Elder Law and Miscellaneous Remedies Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room CL–16

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–9233


Cook County Circuit Court—Juvenile Justice Division

Juvenile Court Building

1100 South Hamilton Avenue

Room 13

Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: 312–433–4881

Fax: 312–433–6863


Cook County Circuit Court—Law Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 801

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–6930

Fax: 312–603–3348


Cook County Circuit Court—Probate Division

Richard J. Daley Center

50 West Washington Street

Room 1202

Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: 312–603–6441

Fax: 312–603–6204


First Judicial Circuit Court – Alexander, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union, and Williamson Counties

Alexander County

 2000 Washington 

 Cairo, IL 62914–1717 

 Phone: 618–734–0107 

 Fax: 618–734–7003


 Jackson County 

1001 Walnut Street

 P. O. Box 730 

 Murphysboro, IL 62966–0730 

 Phone: 618–687–7300 

 Fax: 618–684–6378


 Johnson County

 401 Court Street

 Suite A

 Vienna, IL 62995–0517 

 Phone: 618–658–4751 

 Fax: 618–658–2908


 Massac County

 101 West 8th Street, Room 2D

 Metropolis, IL 62960

 Phone: 618–524–5011 

 Fax: 618–524–4850


 Pope County

 310 East Main Street

 P. O. Box 438 

 Golconda, IL 62938–0502 

 Phone: 618–683–3941 

 Fax: 618–683–3018


 Pulaski County

 500 Illinois Ave.

 Mound City, IL 62963 

 Phone: 618–748–9300 

 Fax: 618–748–9329


 Saline County

 10 East Poplar Street

 Harrisburg, IL 62946–1553

 Phone: 618–253–5096

 Fax: 618–253–3904


 Union County

 309 West Market Street

 Room 101 

 Jonesboro, Illinois 62952 

 Phone: 618–833–5913 

 Fax: 618–833–5223


 Williamson County

 200 West Jefferson, Suite 100 

 Marion, Illinois 62959–2494 

 Phone: 618–997–1301 

 Fax: 618–998–9401

Second Judicial Circuit – Crawford, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jefferson, Lawrence, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, and White Counties

Crawford County

1 Courthouse Square

P. O. Box 655 

Robinson, IL 62454–0655 

Phone: 618–544–3512 

Fax: 618–546–5628


Edwards County

50 East Main Street

Suite 7 

Albion, IL 62806–1262 

Phone: 618–445–2016 

Fax: 618–445–4943


 Franklin County

1 Public Square

 P. O. Box 485 

 Benton, IL 62812–2264 

 Phone: 618–439–2011 

 Fax: 618–439–4119


Gallatin County Courthouse

Lincoln Boulevard

 P. O. Box 249 

 Shawneetown, IL 62984–0249 

 Phone: 618–269–3140 

 Fax: 618–269–4324


 Hamilton County Courthouse

 100 South Jackson Street 

 McLeansboro, IL 62859–1490 

 Phone: 618–643–3224 

 Fax: 618–643–3455


 Hardin County Courthouse

 P. O. Box 308 

 Elizabethtown, IL 62931–0308 

 Phone: 618–287–2735 

 Fax: 618–287–2713


 Jefferson County Courthouse

100 South 10th Street

 P. O. Box 1266 

 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864–1266 

 Phone: 618–244–8008 

 Fax: 618–244–80299


 Lawrence County Courthouse

 1100 State Street

 Lawrenceville, IL 62439–2390 

 Phone: 618–943–2815 

 Fax: 618–943–5205


 Richland County Courthouse

 103 West Main Street, #21 

 Olney, Illinois 62450–2170 

 Phone: 618–392–2151 

 Fax: 618–392–5041


 Wabash County Courthouse

 401 Market Street

 P. O. Drawer 997 

 Mount Carmel, IL 62863 

 Phone: 618–262–5362 

 Fax: 618–263–4441


 Wayne County Courthouse

 301 East Main Street

 Suite 204

P. O. Box 96

 Fairfield, IL 62837–0096 

 Phone: 618–842–7684 

 Fax: 618–842–2556


 White County Courthouse

301 East Main Street

 P. O. Box 310 

 Carmi, IL 62821–0310 

 Phone: 618–382–2321 

 Fax: 618–382–2322


Third Judicial Circuit – Bond and Madison Counties

Bond County Courthouse

 200 West College

 Greenville, IL 62246–1057

 Phone: 618–664–3208

Fax: 618–664–2257


Madison County Courthouse

 155 North Main Street

 Edwardsville, IL 62025

 Phone: 618–692–6240


Madison County Circuit Court - Alton

Alton Law Enforcement Center

1700 East Broadway

Alton, IL 62002

Phone: 618–692–6240


Madison County Circuit Court—Collinsville

Colinsville City Hall

125 South Center Street

Collinsville, IL 62234

Phone: 618–692–6240


Madison County Circuit Court—Criminal Division

Madison County Criminal Justice Center

509 Ramey Street

Edwardsville, IL 62025

Phone: 618–691–8932


Madison County Circuit Court—Granite City

Granite City Hall

2000 Edison Avenue

Granite City, IL 62040

Phone: 618–692–6240


Fourth Judicial Circuit – Christian, Clay, Clinton, Effingham, Fayette, Jasper, Marion, Montgomery, and Shelby Counties


Christian County Courthouse

101 South Main Street

P. O. Box 617

Taylorville, IL 62568

Phone: 217–824–4966

Fax: 217–824–5030


Clay County Courthouse

Crystal Ballard

111 Chestnut P. O. Box 100 

Louisville, IL 62858–0100 

Phone: 618–665–3523 

Fax: 618–665–3543


Clinton County Courthouse 

850 Fairfax Street

Room 220

Carlyle, IL 62231 

Phone: 618–594–6615

Fax: 618–594–0197


Effingham County Circuit Court

120 West Jefferson

Suite 101

PO Box 586


Effingham, Illinois 62401–0586 

Phone: 217–342–4065 

Fax: 217–342–6183

Fayette County Courthouse  

221 South 7th Street

Vandalia, IL 62471–2755 

Phone: 618–283–5009 

Fax: 618–283–4490


Jasper County Courthouse 

100 West Jourdan Street

Newton, IL 62448–1973 

Phone: 618–783–2524 

Fax: 618–783–8626


Marion County Courthouse

100 East Main Street

P. O. Box 130

Salem, IL 62881–0130 

Phone: 618–548–3856 - Criminal

Fax: 618–740–0118—Criminal

Phone: 618–548–3855—Civil

Fax: 618–548–8506 - Civil


Montgomery County Circuit Court

120 North Main Street

Room 125

Hillsboro, IL 62049–0210 

Phone: 217–532–9546 

Fax: 217–532–2142


Shelby County Courthouse

301 East Main Street

P. O. Box 469 

Shelbyville, IL 62565–0469 

Phone: 217–774–4212 

Fax: 217–774–4109


Fifth Judicial Circuit – Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Edgar, Vermilion, 


Clark County Courthouse

501 Archer Avenue

P. O. Box 187 

Marshall, IL 62441–0187

Phone: 217–826–2811 

Fax: 217–826–1391


Coles County Courthouse

651 Jackson Avenue

Room 128

Charleston, IL 61920

Phone: 217–348–0516

Fax: 217–348–7324


Cumberland County Courthouse

1 Courthouse Square

Room 107

PO Box 145

Toledo, IL 62468

Phone: 217–849–3601

Fax: 217–849–2655


Edgar County Courthouse

115 West Court Street

Paris, IL 61944

Phone: 217–466–7447

Fax: 217–466–7443


Vermilion County

Melissa Quick

7 North Vermilion Street

Danville, IL 61832–5806

Phone: 217–554–7700

Fax: 217–554–7728


Sixth Judicial Circuit – Champaign, DeWitt, Douglas, Macon, Moultrie, and Piatt Counties 


Champaign County Courthouse

101 East Main Street

Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: 217–384–3725

Fax: 217–384–3879


DeWitt County Courthouse

210 West Washington

PO Box 439

Clinton, IL 61727

Phone: 217–935–7750

Fax: 217–935–7759


Douglas County Courthouse

410 South Center Street

PO Box 50

Tuscola, IL 61953

Phone: 217–253–2352

Fax: 217–253–9006


Macon County Courthouse 

253 East Wood Street 

Decatur, IL 62523–1489 

Phone: 217–424–1454 

 Fax: 217–424–1350


Moultrie County Courthouse 

10 South Main Street

Suite 7 

Sullivan, IL 61951–1969 

Phone: 217–728–4622 

Fax: 217–728–7833


Piatt County Courthouse 

101 West Washington St 

PO Box 288

Monticello, IL 61856–0288 

Phone: 217–762–4966 

Fax: 217–762–5906


Seventh Judicial Circuit – Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Morgan, Sangamon, and Scott Counties

Greene County Courthouse 

 519 North Main Street 

 Carrollton, IL 62016–1093 

 Phone: 217–942–3421 

 Fax: 217–942–5431


Jersey County Courthouse

 201 West Pearl Street

 Jerseyville, IL 62052–1852 

 Phone: 618–498–5571 (extension 124)

 Fax: 618–498–6128


Macoupin County Courthouse

 210 East Main Street

 P. O. Box 197

 Carlinville, IL 62626–1824 

 Phone: 217–854–3211 

 Fax: 217–854–7361


Morgan County Courthouse

300 West State Street

 P. O. Box 1120 

 Jacksonville, IL 62650–1165 

 Phone: 217–243–5419 

 Fax: 217–243–2009


Sangamon County Complex

 200 South 9th Street

 Room 405

 Springfield, IL 62701–1299

 Phone: 217–753–6674

 Fax: 217–747–5108


Scott County Courthouse

 101 East Market Street 

 Winchester, IL 62694–1216 

 Phone: 217–742–5217 

 Fax: 217–742–5853


Eighth Judicial Circuit  – Adams, Brown, Calhoun, Cass, Mason, Menard, Pike, and Schuyler Counties.


Adams County Courthouse

 521 Vermont Street

 Quincy, IL 62301–2934

 Phone: 217–277–2100 

 Fax: 217–277–2116


Brown County Circuit Courthouse

 200 Court Street

 Room 5

 Mount Sterling, IL 62353 

 Phone: 217–773–2713 (extension 2)

 Fax: 217–773–3648


Calhoun County Courthouse

 P. O. Box 486

 Hardin, IL 62047–0486 

 Phone: 618–576–2451 

 Fax: 618–576–9541


Cass County Courthouse

 100 East Springfield Street

 P. O. Box 203 

 Virginia, IL 62691–0203 

 Phone: 217–452–7225 

 Fax: 217–452–7552


Mason County Courthouse

 125 North Plum Street 

 Havana, IL 62644–0377 

 Phone: 309–543–6619 

 Fax: 309–543–4214


Menard County Courthouse

 102 South 7th Street

 P. O. Box 466 

 Petersburg, IL 62675–0466 

 Phone: 217–632–2615 

 Fax: 217–632–4124


Pike County Courthouse

 100 East Washington Street

 Pittsfield, IL 62363–1497 

 Phone: 217–285–6612 

 Fax: 217–285–4726


 Schuyler County Circuit Court

 102 South Congress 

Suite 103

 Rushville, IL 62681

 Phone: 217–322–4633 

 Fax: 217–322–6164


Ninth Judicial Circuit – Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Knox, McDonough, and Warren Counties

Fulton County Courthouse

 100 North Main Street

 P. O. Box 152 

 Lewistown, IL 61542–0152 

 Phone: 309–547–3041 

 Fax: 309–547–3674


Hancock County Courthouse

 Public Square

 P. O. Box 189 

 Carthage, IL 62321–0189 

 Phone: 217–357–2616 

 Fax: 217–357–2231


Henderson County Courthouse

 307 Warren Street

 P. O. Box 546 

 Oquawka, IL 61469–0546 

 Phone: 309–867–3121 

 Fax: 309–867–3207


Knox County Courthouse

 200 South Cherry Street 

 Galesburg, IL 61401–4912 

 Phone: 309–345–3859 

 Fax: 309–345–0098—Civil

Fax: 309–345–6729—Small Claims

Fax: 309–345–3896—Felony

Fax: 309–345–6722 - Traffic


McDonough County Courthouse 

 1 Courthouse Square 

 Macomb, IL 61455–0348 

 Phone: 309–837–4889 

 Fax: 309–833–4493


Warren County Courthouse 

 100 West Broadway 

 Monmouth, IL 61462–1795 

 Phone: 309–734–5179 

 Fax: 309–734–4151


Tenth Judicial Circuit – Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, Stark, and Tazewell Counties 


Marshall County

 122 North Prairie Street

 P. O. Box 328 

 Lacon, IL 61540–0328 


Peoria County Courthouse

 324 Main Street

 Room G22 

 Peoria, IL 61602–1319 

 Phone: 309–672–6989 

 Fax: 309–677–6228



Putnam County Courthouse

120 North 4th Street

Hennepin, IL 61327–0207 

Phone: 815–925–7016 

Fax: 815–925–7492


Stark County Courthouse

130 West Main Street

P. O. Box 426 

Toulon, IL 61483–0426 

Phone: 309–286–5941 

Fax: 309–286–4039


Tazewell County Courthouse

342 Court Street 

Pekin, IL 61554 

Phone: 309–477–2214—Civil

Phone: 309–477–2775—Criminal

Phone: 309–477–2216—Probate

Phone: 309–477–2218 - Traffic

Fax: 309–478–5792


Eleventh Judicial Circuit – Ford, Livingston, Logan, McLean, and Woodford Counties 


Ford County Courthouse

200 West State

Paxton, IL 60957–0080 

Phone: 217–379–9420 

Fax: 217–379–9429


Livingston County Circuit Court 

Law and Justice Center

110 North Main Street

Pontiac, IL 61764–0320 

Phone: 815–844–2602 

Fax: 815–844–2322

Logan County Courthouse 

601 Broadway Street

P. O. Box 158 

Lincoln, IL 62656–0158 

Phone: 217–735–2376—Civil 

Fax: 217–732–1231—Civil

Phone: 217–735–2376—Criminal

Fax: 217–732–1231—Criminal


McLean County Circuit Court

McLean County Law and Justice Center

104 West Front Street

Room 404 

Bloomington, IL 61702–2400 

Phone: 309–888–5301 

Fax: 309–888–5281


Woodford County Courthouse 

115 North Main Street

Suite 201

P. O. Box 284 

Eureka, IL 61530–0284 

Phone: 309–467–3312 

Fax: 309–467–7377


Twelfth Judicial Circuit – Will County 

Will County Courthouse

14 West Jefferson Street

Joliet, Illinois 60432–4399 

Phone: 815–727–8592 

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court

River Valley Justice Center

3208 West McDonough Street

Joliet, IL 60431

Phone: 815–727–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court

Will County Court Annex

57 North Ottawa Street

Joliet, IL 60432

Phone: 815–772–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court—Bolingbrook Branch Court

Town Hall and Police Department

375 West Briarcliff Road

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Phone: 815–727–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court—Braidwood Branch Court

Police Department

141 West Main Street, Braidwood, IL 60408

Phone: 815–727–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court—Lockport Branch Court

City Hall

222 East 9th Street

Lockport, IL 60441

Phone: 815–727–8592

Phone: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court—Peotone Branch Court

Will County Fair Grounds—Will County Atrium

712 West Street

Peotone, IL 60468

Phone: 815–727–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court—Plainfield Branch Court

Plainfield Law Enforcement Center

14300 South Coil Plus Drive

Plainfield, IL 60544

Phone: 815–727–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Will County Circuit Court—Wilmington Branch Court

City Hall

1165 South Water Street

Wilmington, IL 60481

Phone: 815–727–8592

Fax: 815–740–8074


Thirteenth Judicial Circuit – Bureau, Grundy, and LaSalle Counties 

Bureau County Courthouse

700 South Main Street

Princeton, IL 61356–2037 

Phone: 815–872–2001

Fax: 815–872–0027


Grundy County Courthouse

11 East Washington Street

Room 30

P. O. Box 707

Morris, IL 60450–0707 

Phone: 815–941–3256

Fax: 815–941–3265


LaSalle County Circuit Court—Civil Division

LaSalle County Courthouse

119 West Madison Street

Room 201

Ottawa, IL 61350–0617 

Phone: 815–434–8671 

Fax: 8’5–433–6647

Fax: 815–433–0774—Child Support

Fax: 815–433–9198—Child Support


LaSalle County Circuit Court—Traffic-Criminal Division

Criminal Justice Center

707 Etna Road

Room 141

Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: 815–434–8271

Fax: 815–434–8299


Fourteenth Judicial Circuit – Henry, Mercer, Rock Island, and Whiteside Counties

Henry County Courthouse

307 West Center Street 

Cambridge, IL 61238 

Phone: 309–937–3496 

Fax: 309–937–3990


Henry County Circuit Court—Kewanee Division

401 East 3rd Street

Kewanee, IL 61443

Phone: 309–852–2507

Fax: 309–854–5065

Mercer County Circuit Court 

100 Southeast 3rd Street

Aledo, IL 61231–0175 

Phone: 309–582–7122 

Fax: 309–582–7121


Rock Island County Courthouse

201 15th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201

P. O. Box 5230 

Rock Island, IL 61201–5230

Phone: 309–786–4451 

Phone: 309–558–3313—General Division

Phone: 309–558–3538—Small Claims, Probate

Phone: 309–558–3349—Traffic

Phone: 309–558–3536—Child Support

Fax: 309–786–3029


Rock Island County Circuit Court—Criminal Division

Rock Island County Justice Center

1317 3rd Avenue

Suite 101, Rock Island, IL 61201

Phone: 309–558–3538


Rock Island City Hall—Sitting Location

Council Chambers

Room 300

1528 3rd Avenue 

Rock Island, IL 61201


Whiteside County Circuit Court

Whiteside County Courthouse

200 East Knox Street

Morrison, IL 61270–2819

Phone: 815–772–5188 

Phone: 815–772–5187

Fax: 815–772–5187


Whiteside County Circuit Court - Sterling

Sterling Court Building

101 East 3rd Street, Sterling, IL 61081

Phone: 815–535–4530

Phone: 815–535–4531 - Traffic

Fax: 815–535–4548


Fifteenth Judicial Circuit – Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, and Stephenson Counties


Carroll County Courthouse

301 North Main Street 

PO Box 32

Mt. Carroll, IL 61053–0032 

Phone: 815–244–0230 

Fax: 815–244–3869


Jo Daviess County Courthouse

330 North Bench Street 

Galena, IL 61036–1828 

Phone: 815–777–0037 

Phone: 815–777–2295 - Traffic

Fax: 815–776–9146


Lee County Courts Building

309 South Galena Avenue

Suite 320

Dixon, IL 61021–0325 

Phone: 815–284–5234 

Phone: 815–284–5230 - Traffic

Fax: 815–288–5615


Ogle County Circuit Court 

106 South 5th Street

Suite 300

Oregon, IL 61061–0337 

Phone: 815–732–3201 

Phone: 815–732–1130—Civil

Phone: 815–732–1140—Criminal-Traffic

Fax: 815–732–9093

Stephenson County Courthouse

15 North Galena Avenue

Second Floor

Freeport, Illinois 61032–0785 

Phone: 815–235–8266 

Fax: 815–233–1576


Sixteenth Judicial Circuit – Kane County

Kane County Circuit Court

540 South Randall Road

St. Charles, Illinois 60174 

Phone: 630–232–3413 

Fax: 630–208–2172


Kane County Circuit Court—Aurora Branch

1200 East Indian Trail Road

Aurora, IL 60505

Phone: 630–232–3413

Fax: 630–208–2172


Kane County Courthouse

00 South 3rd Street

Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: 630–232–3413

Fax: 630–208–2172


Kane County Circuit Court—Elgin Branch

Robert Gilliam Municipal Complex

150 Dexter Court

Elgin, IL 60120

Phone: 630–232–3413

Fax: 630–208–2172


Kane County Judicial Center

37W777 Route 38

St. Charles, IL 60175

Phone: 630–232–3413

Fax: 630–208–2172


Kane County Juvenile Justice Center

37W655 Route 38

St. Charles, IL 60175

Phone: 630–232–3413


Kane County Branch Court

530 South Randall Road

St. Charles, IL 60174

Phone: 630–232–3413

Fax: 630–208–2172


Seventeenth Judicial Circuit – Boone and Winnebago Counties

Boone County Courthouse

601 North Main

Belvidere, IL 61008–2644 

Phone: 815–544–0371

Fax: 815–547–9213


Winnebago County Courthouse

 400 West State Street 

 Room 100

 Rockford, IL 61101–1221 

 Phone: 815–319–4500

 Fax: 815–987–3012


Winnebago County Circuit Court—Criminal

Criminal Justice Center

650 West State Street

Rockford IL 61101

Phone: 815–319–4500


Winnebago County Circuit Court—Juvenile

Juvenile Justice Center

211 South Court Street

Rockford, IL 61101

Phone: 815–319–4500


Eighteenth Judicial Circuit – DuPage County 

DuPage County Judicial Center

 505 County Farm Road

P. O. Box 707

 Wheaton, IL 60187–0707 

 Phone: 630–407–8700—Civil

Phone: 630–407–8600—Criminal-Traffic

 Fax: 630–407–8575


Nineteenth Judicial Circuit – Lake County

Lake County Circuit Court—Juvenile Branch

24647 North Milwaukee Avenue

Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Phone: 847–377–7888


Lake County Circuit Court—Main Branch

18 North County Street

Waukegan, IL 60085

Phone: 847–377–3380


Lake County Circuit Court—Mundelein Branch

105 East Route 83

Mundelein, IL 60060

Phone: 847–377–3300


Lake County Circuit Court—North Branch

1792 Nicole Lane

Round Lake, IL 60073

Phone: 847–377–3400


Lake County Circuit Court—Park City Branch

301 Greenleaf Street

Park City, IL 60085

Phone: 847–377–3500—Main Line

Phone: 847–377–3260 - Probate


Twentieth Judicial Circuit – Monroe, Perry, Randolph, St. Clair, and Washington Counties 


Monroe County Courthouse

 100 South Main Street

 Room 115 

 Waterloo, IL 62298–1322 

 Phone: 618–939–8681 

 Fax: 618–939–1929


Perry County Courthouse

1 Public Square

 P. O. Box 219 

 Pinckneyville, IL 62274–0219 

 Phone: 618–357–6726 

 Fax: 618–357–8336


Randolph County Courthouse

 1 Taylor Street

 Room 302

 Chester, IL 62233–0329 

 Phone: 618–826–5000 (extension 194)

 Fax: 618–826–3761


St. Clair County Building

 10 Public Square 

 Belleville, IL 62220–1623 

 Phone: 618–277–6832 

 Fax: 618–277–1562


Washington County Circuit Court 

 125 East Elm Street

 Nashville, IL 62263–1100 

 Phone: 618–327–4800 

 Fax: 618–327–3583


Twenty-First Judicial Circuit – Iroquois and Kankakee Counties

Iroquois County Courthouse

 550 South 10th Street 

 Watseka, IL 60970–1810 

 Phone: 815–432–6950 

 Fax: 815–432–9333


Kankakee County Courthouse

 450 East Court Street 

 Kankakee, IL 60901–3917 

 Phone: 815–936–5700 

 Fax: 815–939–8830


Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit – McHenry County 

McHenry County Government Center

 2200 North Seminary Avenue

 Room 352 

 Woodstock, IL 60098–2837 

 Phone: 815–334–4310—Civil-Probate-Divorce

 Phone: 815–334–4313—Felony-Misdemeanor

Phone: 815–334–4190—Traffic-Misdemeanor-Juvenile

Fax: 815–338–8583


Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit – Dekalb and Kendall Counties

DeKalb County Courthouse

 133 West State Street 

 Sycamore, IL 60178–1416 

 Phone: 815–895–7131 

 Fax: 815–895–7140


DeKalb County Circuit Court—City of Dekalb Branch

Municipal Building

200 South Fourth Street

Room 200

DeKalb, IL 60115

Phone: 815–895–7138


Kendall County Courthouse

807 West John Street

Yorkville, IL 60560–0259 

Phone: 630–553–4183 

Fax: 630–553–4964

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